Urban Mobility can be defined as Cape Town’s cardiovascular system. We need healthy arteries where the lifeblood moves without blockages and the integrated public transport system – from trains to buses to minibus-taxis and e-hailing services – acts as the beating heart that connects people with opportunities.

Our road networks must enable business activity and job creation. Transport services must keep us moving, and ensure goods and services are delivered. Capetonians must be able to move, efficiently, and be spoilt for choice when it comes to commuting, be it for work or leisure.

These choices must be affordable and sustainable. It is simple: the more mobile our people, goods, and services, the better our chances of economic recovery. Productivity, job creation, and investment go hand in hand with an efficient, well-run, and reliable transport system. The focus is beyond transport as we need to work closer with other spheres of government, and partners in the private sector to achieve greater connectivity across Cape Town.

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City looks forward to a future with less cars

City looks forward to a future with less cars


Today, 22 September 2022 marks World Car Free Day. The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Mobility, Councillor Rob Quintas, commuted with the MyCiTi bus service to the office this morning. This Car Free Day the City of Cape Town would like to highlight plans aimed at creating pedestrian-centric and cycle-friendly transport corridors for those making use of public transport.

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