The City’s Urban Mobility Directorate has a number of road maintenance and upgrade projects planned and under way in the Brackenfell area to support the major developments taking place in this vicinity of the northern suburbs.

The City’s Urban Mobility Directorate is aware of the large development plans for the area to the south of Bottelary Road and can confirm that there are plans in place to upgrade a section of Bottelary Road, as well as the intersection of Bottelary Road/Brackenfell Boulevard.

There are currently four planned road upgrade projects to accommodate the developments in this vicinity, three of which are service agreements with the developers and one a City project.

These projects include the following:

  • The upgrade of Bottelary Road and Saxdowns Intersection, which will see the upgrade of the Bottelary Road legs to a dualled state; and additional lanes to the Brackenfell and Saxdowns Road legs.
  • The dualling of Bottelary Road between Amandel and Saxdowns Roads
  • The dualling of Saxdowns Road from Bottelary to Pugsli Roads
  • The dualling of Saxdowns Road from Pugsli Road to Sandalwood Street

‘These projects are a clear indication of how the City continues to strategically align its road upgrades to the specific developments of an area. All development applications to the City must include a Traffic Impact Assessment with the relevant Transport Impact Studies being undertaken by private professional traffic transport engineers. These studies are assessed by our internal transport engineers from the City’s Transport Planning and Network department who then determine the impact of those developments on the transport system.

‘These engineers consider various factors, including the congestion during peak hours and the level of service at intersections pre and post development. Thereafter, they determine whether road upgrades or transport system upgrades are required to meet the needs of the proposed new development. Generally, as part of the development approval, a developer will be required to provide these upgrades. The City then approves the proposed road designs and maintains these roads once completed ,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Mobility, Councillor Rob Quintas.

It is also important to note that the Western Cape Government is planning to extend the R300 freeway to the north of the N1 towards Durbanville, which will then run parallel to Brackenfell Boulevard (and will reduce congestion on Brackenfell Boulevard) once constructed.

Over the past 11 months, the City’s Road Infrastructure Management Department has spent more than R59 million on maintaining the 1 400km of road network in the Kraaifontein, Brackenfell, Durbanville and Bellville area (above-the-N1) to an acceptable standard.

This includes:

  • R8,9 million on the resealing of major roads such as Brackenfell Boulevard from Old Paarl to Protea Road and Carl Cronje Drive from Bill Bezuidenhout to Old Oak Road
  • R23,9 million on the resealing and rehabilitation of local residential roads in this district
  • R17,7 million on routine maintenance
  • R9,4 million on pothole repairs and water trench reinstatements utilising contractors.

The City prides itself on having one of the best road networks in the country and our teams will always strive to do better. Residents are encouraged to assist the City by reporting any road related issues to our toll free Transport Information Centre on 0800 65 64 63.