Municipal Systems Act, 2000

This provides for the systems needed to enable municipalities to move progressively towards the social and economic upliftment of local communities, and ensure universal access to essential services that are affordable to all.

National Land Transport Act, 2009

The NLTA provides for the transformation and restructuring of the national land transport system as initiated by the National Land Transport Transition Act of 2000.

National Road Traffic Act, 1996

This Act provides for road traffic matters that apply uniformly throughout South Africa.

Roads Ordinance Act, 1976

These provide for road traffic matters throughout South Africa.

Urban Transport Act, 1977

Promotes the planning and provision of adequate urban transport facilities, the establishment of transport funds, metropolitan transport areas and metropolitan transport advisory boards and for the preparation and implementation of urban transport plans.

Advertising on Roads and Ribbon Development Act 21, 1940

This Act regulates the display of advertisements at places visible from public roads.

Local Government Municipal Systems Act 32, 2000 (MSA)

This Act provides for the mechanisms and processes that are needed for municipalities to bring about the social and economic upliftment of communities.



This By-law regulates stormwater management in the area of the City of Cape Town, and regulates activities which may have a detrimental effect on the development, operation or maintenance of the stormwater system.