The City’s maintenance and repairs of sidewalks on Van Riebeeck Street between Ninth Avenue and Van der Merwe Street in Kraaifontein is underway.

The work is taking place between 07:00 and 17:00 from Monday to Saturday.

Once completed, the Transport Directorate will begin work on Van der Merwe Street to the railway bridge.

Residents are advised:

• Traffic is affected in both directions on Van Riebeeck Street. During some works, the traffic flow will be controlled by means of a one-way stop-and-go system between 08:00 and16:30.

• Appropriate signage will also be in place.

START DATE: 9 May 2020

PLANNED END DATE: 30 June 2020




  • Backfilling with recycled asphalt material against the bridge fill embankments where erosion has occurred
  • Excavating and removal of existing bituminous and gravel pavement layers in sidewalks
  • Placing of new gravel layers in sidewalks
  • Placing of new sidewalk asphalt surfacing layer by hand
  • Removing existing handrails and installing new handrails where needed
  • Repairing concrete screed surface of sidewalks on the railway bridge