On the 31 July 2019 Council approved the permanent closure of portions of Pallotti Road to vehicular traffic. This will allow for the realignment of Pallotti Road to intersect with the new road at a traffic circle approximately 400m south of Robert Sobukwe Road.

The planned realignment of Pallotti Road is a step towards the future road network plan outlined in the City of Cape Town’s Comprehensive Integrated Transport Plan (CITP 2018 – 2023).

The realignment of Pallotti Road aims to help address congestion and safety concerns by:

  • Separating traffic associated with the proposed development from existing traffic
  • Increasing the capacity of existing roads through new road infrastructure
  • Improving the design of the intersection
  • Helping to ensure acceptable traffic conditions through other road and intersection improvements in the vicinity
  • Redistributing heavy vehicles away from the residential area

The Pallotti Road project will take place in phases.

START DATE: November 2019

PLANNED END DATE: Phase 1 April 2020


INVESTMENT: Partly funded by a private developer


  • Permanent closure of sections of Pallotti Road
  • Construction of the new road 
  • Realignment of Pallotti Road to intersect with the new road
  • Installation of street lighting and surveillance by the Property Owner’s Association