Universal Access

The City of Cape Town wants all citizens and visitors – with and without disabilities – to access public spaces and transport systems to use and enjoy the city to its fullest. For this reason, the City considers people with disabilities when it plans new facilities including buildings, transport infrastructure, signage, roads and bridges. 

Most of Cape Town’s major tourist attractions, such as the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, some beaches, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and Table Mountain, offer access for people with disabilities as well as tourists who may have visual or hearing impairments or limited mobility. 

Currently the MyCiTi bus service is the only universally accessible form of public transport in the city. Special needs passengers who are able to use MyCiTi include visually impaired persons, people in wheelchairs, senior citizens, young children, pregnant women and those with prams, passengers with luggage, passengers travelling alone at night, and passengers carrying large objects such as surfboards or bicycles. 

The universal access facilities unique to MyCiTi services include textured paving to help people with visual impairments find stations and platforms, glass and flap gates at stations to accommodate wheelchair users, audio induction loops at ticket kiosks for hearing impairments, security cameras on buses and stations that are monitored by a control centre, and boarding bridges on the buses that serve residential and central city routes to provide passengers with level access onto buses. 

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