<h3>Congestion in Cape Town </h3>

Congestion is a challenge for major cities across the world, and Cape Town is no exception. Our roads are getting more congested as the city’s economy grows and more people choose to live and work in Cape Town or visit as tourists.

Beating congestion involves everyone. For the City of Cape Town, as a municipality, it’s about making our transport network work as efficiently as it possibly can. This includes the continual upkeep of the City’s extensive road and signalling network as well as improvement projects to reduce bottlenecks, build missing links and extend cycling and walking paths.

Tackling congestion involves all road users. For drivers and passengers it means travelling in smarter ways that include sharing rides, using public transport, cycling and walking more when it’s safe and practical to do so and encouraging commuters to avoid the peak if they can.

Good public transport is also an important component of tackling this challenge. Unfortunately Cape Town’s rail service, which is managed by the national government, has been marked by declining service levels for many years. Rail is the backbone of public transport in Cape Town and the City will continue to engage with the rail authority to seek solutions to this problem.