Rail Network

Rail is the backbone of Cape Town’s public transport network. The city’s rail network is 610 km of rail line, 169 kms of which is passenger rail owned by Transnet and operated by Metrorail. Transnet is responsible for freight and owns and manages parts of the rail infrastructure. The City also owns 53 km of freight sidings.

There are an estimated 621 833 rail trips a day in Cape Town, with the majority to and from the Cape Town CBD, Epping and Bellville. There are nine commuter corridors, with 118 stations.  Most stations have facilities for other modes of transport that act as a feeder service for rail. These include minibus taxis, buses, private car parking and pedestrian infrastructure. In some areas cycling is also a feeder. 

PRASA and the City of Cape Town’s Urban Mobility Directorate, when it was known as Transport for Cape Town (TCT), entered into a Memorandum of Action (MOA) on 4 May 2015. This is a ground breaking agreement that is service delivery oriented and aims to achieve greater integration between modes.  This partnership supports the development of a strategic business approach to rail in Cape Town along with service level agreements per corridor. 

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